Enter Name.

Your name is WOULFE FENRIR

You are a DOG PERSON, you just love them, with their soft fur
and cold noses. You are also known to be INCREDIBLY LOYAL,
though you DON'T HAVE MANY FRIENDS to know this fact. You could
also stand to mention that you have LIMITED PSIONIC POWERS,
though they're not that strong compared to some troll's. You
also wish that your Lusus would let you LEAVE YOUR HIVE MORE.

You also enjoy playing FRISBEE with your Lusus, MR WAGGINGTON,
and trying to CATCH THE FRISBEE IN YOUR MOUTH. Your few friends
think that you're much MORE AGRESSIVE THEN YOU REALLY ARE and
you hope to live up to their expectations, though personally
you'd rather end up a LUSUS TAMER

Your trolltag is HowlingBeast and you Sound Like You're Always
*Barking* Your Words Out! >u<