Enter Name.


You are a GIANT GEEK, being a fan of most popular GAMES, TV
SHOWS, MOVIES and SUCH. You are known to be A BIT WILD when on
the internet, but IRL are NORMALLY pretty SHY. You could also
probably mention that you love HOMESTUCK, RPing and FASHION,
though you don't often get to partake in the last of those.

In your past time you watch everything from STEVEN UNIVERSE, to
ONE-PUNCH MAN, to RICK & MORTY. You feel you have good ties with
your FEW CLOSE FRIENDS, and have a currently running JOKE-
ROMANCE / ACTUAL ROMANCE between you and one of them. You are
also somewhat of a "TRUE VIRTUAL REALITY" Fanatic.

Your Skype handle is (Not putting my Skype here) and you chat
like a regular person, nomrally